Hello Home Chefs!

Cooking is my passion and I’ve collected over a thousand cookbooks over a lifetime. I read them as most people would read a novel and truly enjoy learning about cooking every day of my life. I’ve had my share of successes and failures but have never given up on collecting recipes and trying many of them. So I’ve decided to blog and share my recipes, many of which might be taken from a cookbook or inspired by a cookbook. Others are those I’ve grown up with and modified for my family and their tastes as well as my own preferences. I will always give you the source of the recipe so that credit goes to the proper place.

If you are curious about the name of this blog, I will explain. I am a 70 something grandmother who enjoys trying and experimenting with recipes of all types and from a plethora of sources. This blog will serve as a way to share those experiences and hopefully help you in your own kitchen with ideas and meals.

In the future, I will be attempting to publish photos and add some other features to this blog and I welcome you into my kitchen to share this experience.

Rest assured I would like to hear your feedback and if you try any of what I post here, I am eager to hear about your individual experiences.