NEW RELEASE! “Bad Decisions” is out Today!

I’m so excited to announce that my new novel, Bad Decisions, is out at all major booksellers TODAY!  

Tabitha, Nate, and Jason were a lot of fun to write, but they took a long time to make it onto the page – if you’ve been with me on this writing journey for a while now… thank you for your patience! 

To celebrate the new release, I’ve also (temporarily) dropped the price on Bad Penny to 99 cents, so if you have a friend who you’d like to recommend it to, this month is a good time to tell them about it.

Thank you again, my friends and readers, for your support on this journey. I hope you love Tabitha and her guys as much as I do.

Bad Decisions: What’s it about?

Who has time for love? Not this woman. 

Tabitha Wells is spinning her wheels – stuck between her past as a stripper and her future as a lawyer. Between bills and more bills. She doesn’t have time for dating – let alone for dating a couple! Jason and Nate are serious about each other… they couldn’t be serious about her, too? Not serious, serious… right?

If you do have time for love, can you make love work?

Jason has been a player for long enough – he’s ready to settle down with his idealistic and open-hearted boyfriend, Nate. And maybe with Nate’s classmate, Tabitha. The hot self-defense instructor is charmed by Tabitha’s nerdy YA fiction references, her guarded heart and her brain – but is he willing to share his past?  And what about Nathan – will he give up his future in DC, and a job that could improve the world, to stay with the people he loves?

How can all three find the success they’ve worked for, when their hearts keep making Bad Decisions?