“Hate to Want You” by Alisha Rai

BookRiot had a great post about romance novels by WOC (link: https://bookriot.com/2018/01/25/read-harder-romance-person-of-color/), and I was so pleased to see some of my pocket friends on the list (including some authors I already featured, such as @RubyLang and Santino Hassel!  And some I already have pending posts about, like Tracy Livisay!). I’ll be searching out library links for other authors on this list, so if you’re doing the #readharderchallenge this year, please keep following!

Today, I went through the list to see who popped up on @HooplaDigital. I’m so happy to see that Alisha Rai is now available on there – she wasn’t when I started this #steamylibrarybooks project! I’ve been reading her self-published work for years now, since I stumbled across her on my Scribd account (before Scribd did their big romance purge).

I read her latest, “Hate to Want You,” and highly, highly recommend it. I’d be shocked if it didn’t win a RITA this year.   This is one that, if your library doesn’t already have it in stock, I strongly recommend requesting.  Here’s the Hoopla link: https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/12031488

Side note: I should mention that it deals frankly with a heroine who has a history of depression (and a family history of depression), and while I don’t think it is detailed enough to trigger most people, you know yourself best. I want you to be safe.

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