“Naked” by Megan Hart

I read this one years ago – it’s the last in a series that I read out of order, and still enjoyed. Megan Hart tends to veer towards weepy-horny, but this is one of her more straightforward women’s fiction/erotica blends. She’s always an amazing writer, and if you haven’t given her a chance yet, I’d rec anything by her you find in your library. https://www.overdrive.com/media/359936/naked Prepare for some feels.  #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment @overdrive

“Hate to Want You” by Alisha Rai

BookRiot had a great post about romance novels by WOC (link: https://bookriot.com/2018/01/25/read-harder-romance-person-of-color/), and I was so pleased to see some of my pocket friends on the list (including some authors I already featured, such as @RubyLang and Santino Hassel!  And some I already have pending posts about, like Tracy Livisay!). I’ll be searching out library links for other authors on this list, so if you’re doing the #readharderchallenge this year, please keep following!

Today, I went through the list to see who popped up on @HooplaDigital. I’m so happy to see that Alisha Rai is now available on there – she wasn’t when I started this #steamylibrarybooks project! I’ve been reading her self-published work for years now, since I stumbled across her on my Scribd account (before Scribd did their big romance purge).

I read her latest, “Hate to Want You,” and highly, highly recommend it. I’d be shocked if it didn’t win a RITA this year.   This is one that, if your library doesn’t already have it in stock, I strongly recommend requesting.  Here’s the Hoopla link: https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/12031488

Side note: I should mention that it deals frankly with a heroine who has a history of depression (and a family history of depression), and while I don’t think it is detailed enough to trigger most people, you know yourself best. I want you to be safe.

“The Wedding Date” by Jasmine Guillory

I noticed this title when I saw it on Roxane Gay’s list of what she read last year, and it looked so good, I bought it before my library did. Since that day, it’s been featured on a zillion book lists.  Maybe you’ll have better luck with your library? https://www.overdrive.com/media/3287161/the-wedding-date @overdrive #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment

“Delectable Desire” by Farrah Rochon

One of my favorite authors, Laura Florand, combined chefs and heiresses in her “Paris Chocolate” series. Equally delicious, “Delectable Desire” by Farrah Rochon (a fellow librarian!) combines those tropes to excellent effect. Gotta love a hero who cooks, and a heroine with the resources to take him or leave him. #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment @HooplaDigital https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/11917372

“Love by Premonition” by Holley Trent

You may have noticed that I love me some tropes. I especially enjoy the “Psychic and Police Detective” one, which is why Psych is my TV Binge Jam. If you love Psychic + Police Detective tropes, too, check out “Love by Premonition” by Holley Trent: https://www.overdrive.com/media/1396396/love-by-premonition @overdrive #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment

Now, I couldn’t find this darn title on Amazon for a picture, so I’m leaving you with this similarly themed, but m/m, cover instead


Penny Reid – Grin and Beard It

An early installment in the “Winston Brothers” series, “Grin and Beard it” is great fun, with a plus-size Latina movie star heroine and a handsome park ranger hero.  Penny Reid is delightful, and this series delights in poking fun at people’s preconceived notions at every turn. OverDrive Link

Bonus info: I heard an interview with Penny, where she said that she’s planning to start a Cozy Mystery series starring Cletus and Jennifer, and I’m stupid excited about it. #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment @overdrivelibs

Steamy Library Books – Backlog Pt. 2!

Okay, folks, here are more items I already shared on Facebook and Twitter under the #steamylibrarybooks tag.  I hope you enjoy them!  I should let you know that I included affiliate links in order to embed the pretty pictures… but please check to see if the library has them first, y’all!

A sweet holiday romance about a movie star and a real estate heiress, from the sadly now-defunct Kimani line from Harlequin. I’d like to see the circulation on titles like this stay strong!   Library Link  “A Love Like This” by Kianna Alexander
Another M/M holiday story today – this time on @HooplaDigital! Check out “Simple After All” by Yolande Klienn for a Grinch-meets-a-Metaphorical-Cinnamon-Roll romance: Hoopla Link

So many people love the trope of a couple (or, a soon-to-be couple) who get snowed in and have to put up with each other. For a New Year’s Eve take on that trope, check out G.G. Andrews’ “Somewhere Warm” OverDrive Link – I hear that she has a follow-up novella coming out soon, so if you want more, more will soon be available!

Who doesn’t love a rock star/librarian romance? “The Best Kind of Trouble” indeed: Axis Link Today’s pick is from Lauren Dane, one of my first and favorite erotic romance authors. Fun fact: this one isn’t menage, but if you look at her backlist, you’ll find the very first #MFM book I ever read. #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment #Axis

I’ve been a fan of Ann Aguirre since her first Sirantha Jax novel, years ago. But, I haven’t kept up with her romances – so I’m excited to read this neighbors-to-lovers novel, “I Want it That Way” by her. Hoopla Link #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment @hoopladigital

Today’s pick is from a British author, who is also a microbiologist! If the song “Miss Independent” was a book, it would be Girl in Trouble on Overdrive by @rhodabaxter (I love a good illustrated cover). #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment @overdrive

I first noticed this author because I loved the colorful eye-catching covers on her “Sugar Baby” series from last year, but this year’s series “Beards and Bondage” – hoo boy. Check out the cover on book one: OverDrive Link – her writing is always on point, I’d suggest clicking on her author profile, and choose the one that appeals to you most. You’ll end up reading them all. #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment @overdrive

Backlog of “Steamy Library Books” – Part The First!

Hi Folks!  In my last blog post, I mentioned that I’ve been curating a Facebook page with a list of steamy novels that might be available in your library (and are definitely available on either OverDrive, Hoopla, or another library platform).

I’ve decided to cross-post those materials here, so that they are easy to locate, all in one place, and so that you can send a link to the resource as a whole to your local librarian.  🙂  I may build a stable page on this website dedicated to these books, but until then, I’ll just update my blog with them.

So, with no further ado, here are the titles I’ve highlighted so far!

Hi Everyone! I don’t usually listen to my steamy library books on audio, but I made an exception for “Looking Inside” by Beth Kery, and I’m glad I did! The narrator is great.
How do you feel about sexy books on audio? Does it put you off, or pull you in?
Another audiobook selection, today. I think I learned about this author from “Bawdy Bookworms!” (An awesome steamy-book-and-sexy-toy subscription service run by a friend of mine).
I confess, I read this one in paperback form, and it wasn’t even a library book. 🙂 Happy Monday!
Ladies and Gentlemen (do we have a Gentleman yet?)… here is the book that made me want to be an author. I still remember reading this on Scribd, back before they scrubbed their romance collection clean (“…clean”), and feeling like my mind was blown. That voice! And… that *content.* Oh my.
Happy Cyber Monday! I’m excited for all the holiday romances that are coming out. I looked on Hoopla at their “Holiday Romances” collection, and this one jumped out at me. I love it that the hero is Jewish, having to deal with the “Secret Santa” tradition at work, and the fact that it’s M/M is a great bonus! I’m exited to read it.

Sadly, I couldn’t get a little box with the cover from Amazon for this one, but you can check it out here: Secret Santa by JM Snyder

I’m going to start sharing my #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment posts on twitter as well as FB. Hello Twitter Librarians and Library Fans! Today’s book is basically a whole series from Olivia Cunning:
Here’s another #steamylibrarybook #collectiondevelopment post. Today’s highlight is from @rubylang whose book “Clean Breaks” is lovely, steamy, and sweet. And look at that cover! https://www.overdrive.com/media/3148763/clean-breaks
Today’s #steamylibrarybook #collectiondevelopment is from @oliviadade & is the first book that I requested for my local library system. https://www.overdrive.com/media/2875726/driven-to-distraction
Today, instead of recommending an author, I’m recommending a narrator. Sebasitan York is amazing, and I’ve listened to a few books narrated by him. Instead of picking out only one, I’m introducing a new library vendor @axis and suggesting that if you have a solo road trip in your future you check out any of his audiobooks. http://sfpl.axis360.baker-taylor.com/Search?author=York,%20Sebastian%20(NAR)

And a link to Books Narrated by York on Amazon.

I was going to boost one of @AlishaRai’s novels about a big-wig’s daughter (who secretly owns a sex club), but sadly, I couldn’t find it on any of the library e-book app. So, instead, here is an equally awesome novel about a big-wig’s daugther from equally awesome @authorEmmaBarry https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/11960907 #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment
Best known for their recent book “Queen from the North,” Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae’s “The Art of Three” is a really interesting and nuanced exploration of an older polyamourous couple falling in love with a younger man. It might not be your regular flavor, but it’s so interesting, check it out! https://www.overdrive.com/media/3569675/the-art-of-three #steamylibrarybooks #collectiondevelopment