Monthly Archives: April 2015

Little Man.  Joining the family with curled little fists and a head full of downy soft hair.  Bringing in his own unique brand of sunshine.

Tiny little miracle all snuggled up.  So glad he came.

IMG_8586 copy


March.  Almost spring, but not quite.  Blossoms opening, weather warming.  Tornado season in our part of the country.  We are all anxious to feel a little more sun on our faces.  Fresh grass under our toes.  Here is a glimpse into the month of March for our little family and my 365 project.2015-04-01_00132015-04-01_00032015-04-01_00082015-04-01_00172015-04-01_00182015-04-01_00102015-04-01_0001Mariah_Evans0016Mariah_Evans0014Mariah_Evans00182015-04-01_00112015-04-01_00092015-04-01_0005Mariah_Evans00102015-04-01_00062015-04-01_00152015-04-01_00142015-04-01_0016Mariah_Evans0005Mariah_Evans00302015-04-01_0004