Monthly Archives: October 2015

You don’t need to travel far to have an adventure.  Great Grandma and Grandpa’s house will do.  There’s leaves and pinecones, and a cozy blanket if we get cold.  October is perfect for wandering…  Close to home.2016-06-05_00312016-06-05_00302016-06-05_00332016-06-05_00322016-06-05_00372016-06-05_00342016-06-05_00352016-06-05_00412016-06-05_00362016-06-05_00382016-06-05_00392016-06-05_00402016-06-05_00422016-06-05_0043

New love is beautiful…  But even more beautiful is the tried and true love.

The, “We’ve been doing this for a while” love.

The, “We finish each others stories” love.

The, “Look at this family we’ve made together” love.

That just might be my favorite.