The Magic

I am a frustration to Grandmas and Great Aunts everywhere.  I don’t take photographs of everyone looking at the camera and smiling perfectly.  I mean, I can…  But I rarely do.  It just isn’t what melts my butter.  Doesn’t light my fire.  Doesn’t flip my boat.  I’m not interested in perfection…  It doesn’t exist.  But I’ll tell you very quietly, very softly what does exist.  What does exist, is you.  You and your love.  That’s what is real.  That’s what is true, and is honest, and what is lovely.  That’s what I see with my magic camera.  I see what you don’t.  You see how you’re barely making it.  How your house is a mess.  You see your long to do list with no check marks.  Not enough, not enough, not enough.  That’s what you see.


Ahh, but I have a magic camera.  I see the truth that is hidden beneath.  I see what is real.  Then I get to show it to you.

You see this?  See how much you love each other?  See that look in your eyes?  See the way he looks at you?  You ARE enough.  You are imperfect, and you’re fumbling, and you are enough.

And you’re going to be okay.

You’re all going to be okay.


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