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When they were engaged, he swung her around and said, “We’re getting married, Babe!”

When he saw her for the first time on their wedding day, tears ran down his cheeks.

Now they are three.  One tiny sun, with two parental planets pulled by his gravity.  He is the center of their universe.

How lucky am I, to see all this love grow?

How was there ever an us before there was a you?

The time before you seems like a dream.  An introduction.

You are the real story.

Our story.

Every hair on your perfect head,

Every wrinkle on your tiny feet.

Words to our story.

A story so beautiful, so monumental, so grand and so pure…

That we could have never written you by ourselves.


She’ll be your very best friend.

She’ll borrow your favorite shirt without asking.

She’ll ruin it.

She’ll use up your best lipstick.

She’ll make fun of your boyfriends.

She’ll get away with everything.

And she’ll hold your hand in the dark.

And she’ll get all of your inside jokes.

And she’ll cover for you when you sneak out.

And she’ll share in every childhood memory.

She’ll be your very best friend.

You take one hand, and you take the other.

We’ll walk down the path together.

Today, tomorrow.  The day after that.

Let’s be together all the way.


You don’t need to travel far to have an adventure.  Great Grandma and Grandpa’s house will do.  There’s leaves and pinecones, and a cozy blanket if we get cold.  October is perfect for wandering…  Close to home.2016-06-05_00312016-06-05_00302016-06-05_00332016-06-05_00322016-06-05_00372016-06-05_00342016-06-05_00352016-06-05_00412016-06-05_00362016-06-05_00382016-06-05_00392016-06-05_00402016-06-05_00422016-06-05_0043